I have heard many times people interested in practicing yoga who are discouraged when they think that it is an exercise only for those who are flexible, strong and with a great capacity for concentration.

I think one of the reasons these ideas are so common is that there is a lack of classes for beginners. It is common for the new student to arrive at their first session and be surrounded by fluent practitioners; inevitably, he compares himself to them and concludes on the first or second try that yoga is not for him.

If this has happened to you or sounds familiar, today I want to share five tips for you to successfully overcome the barrier of the first classes.

  1. Discover your strengths

You may not be the most flexible or the strongest, but what if instead of looking at what you can’t do, you turn your attention to what you can do? Try this, you will be surprised to find that you don’t actually start from scratch.

2. Don’t compare yourself

You don’t know how many years the one next to him has been taking a class, or why he does yoga. Everyone has their reasons and history and the only ones that should matter to you are yours. Everything will come in due time and, believe me, the most exciting thing is achieving that position that seemed impossible to you and one day it finally happens.

  1. Be humble

To learn whatever it is, it is important that you allow yourself to do so. When we open ourselves to a new experience from humility, the options multiply. Let them guide you, trust your teacher and external all your doubts.

4. Say no to prejudice

Yoga is about breaking the mental patterns that condition our wholeness. Allow your idea of ​​practice to nurture and evolve each time you attend class.

5. Try various styles and masters

There are many forms of yoga and each teacher puts his special touch on it. You might not connect with some, and that’s fine. Give yourself the opportunity to find the one who will “make you fall in love”. If you want more information about the variety of styles, don’t miss our yoga guide every week .

Do you want to start and do you live in CDMX? Come and practice gentle yoga with me , an ideal proposal for beginners in which several teachers will accompany your first steps in this discipline. The appointment is from Monday to Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at La Cueva del Yogui by Gabriela Tavera, located in Plaza Villa de Madrid # 9, in front of Cibeles, in La Condesa. The first class is free, if you are interested, leave me a message in the

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