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Best Bitcoin Recovery Experts

Introduction Best Bitcoin Recovery Experts

Bitcoin has gone through a lot of ups and downs since its introduction in 2009. It is a decentralised digital currency that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, about whom very little is known.

Currently, about 106 million people around the world use cryptocurrencies, and there are a whopping 270,000 verified transactions of Bitcoin daily. And though this market is volatile, cryptocurrencies are going huge right now and will probably be used in the future.

best bitcoin

Now whenever a market is so big, it is a field mine waiting for mistakes and scams to happen. People have lost their bitcoin due to forgetting passwords, theft and scams. I’m sure that you have seen at least more than 5-6 articles of people being locked out of accessing their bitcoin. Many people had bought bitcoin years ago, and when it later rose in value drastically, they couldn’t access it. They had lost their passwords, and the technology was so protected that it was nearly impossible to access it.

Bitcoin is limited, with 21 million coins that can be mined, out of which 18.77 million has been mined and after which 2.3 million will be released into circulation. In addition to its limited availability, 4% of Bitcoin is lost every year, currently, 20% of it is lost. Even though it seems they are lost forever, it is not so, because a percentage of these bitcoins can be recovered. Many bitcoin recovery experts, also known as crypto hunters, can help you recover it.

Bitcoin Recovery Experts and What they do?

Here’s a list of the best bitcoin recovery experts you can contact online. There are people who try to help you remember the password through hypnosis and other methods. But these websites mostly help you track and recover your lost bitcoin if you have been scammed or lost it or transferred it to the wrong account. Some of these websites mainly deal with recovering data that has been locked out due to forgetting passwords, and others work with helping people who have been scammed or whose digital assets have been stolen. They may do this through a variety of methods. The websites listed below offer services for various things; make sure you select the one that caters to your needs. Each of them have their own pricing policies, and links to all their websites are listed down below :


Bitcoin recovery co has recovered more than 2000+ bitcoin and have been featured on Forbes, CNBC, TechTarget, Bloomberg, MSN and Avvo. They have a concise page that tells you exactly how it works, and they also offer a free consultation. They mainly focus on recovering lost passwords through various methods and ethical hackers. They are partners with Burk Law Firm, which will make sure your funds remain safe from misappropriation. They offer services relating to wallet recovery, forgotten passwords, viruses, deleted data, transfers to wrong addresses, old wallet versions and much more.

CipherBlade Blockchain Investigation Agency

Out of all the websites mentioned here, CipherBlade has the most well designed website while offering a wide range of services. It has not only offered recovery services but security consultations as well. They have served as expert witnesses in several major cases, recovered millions of dollars worth of crypto and have handled hundreds of cases in tracking bitcoin. They have partnered with and have clients like bitbuy, Mycrypto, Bittrex, ShapeShift, Shakepay, EtherDelta, coinomi and changelly. They have been featured on BBC, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, coindesk, coingeek etc. You can send them a message to open a case whenever you want. They also have a blog which offers information and advice on cryptocurrency and security.

Climax Recovery
  • Climax recovery has a great website and has recovered about 4.4 million in cryptocurrency according to their web page. They have positive customer reviews and 831 customers who have had a happy experience. Their service begins with a free consultation after which they decide if and how they can help you. This ensures neither of your time is wasted and you get a clear idea about your next step.
Reclaim crypto

Reclaim crypto mainly deals with cases where crypto has been stolen. It basically connects you to a group of investigators who will help you track it. If you submit the details, they will contact a network of blockchain services from accepting the defrauded crypto. The investigators will be alerted of the claims of the defrauded crypto of the victims being found. They have a page that shows you how to file your claim, what are the chances of recovery and all the information you might need. It was started in 2019 and over 20k people have approached them for their services.

I have not ranked them as the best bitcoin recovery experts or recommended them; these are websites and companies that genuinely work towards helping people recover their lost money from scams and carelessness.

Now after going through all these sites you may see that they have different methods of data recovery. The best bitcoin recovery experts work very hard to try and get back the lost data, but there are some cases where that is impossible. Even the best of the best bitcoin recovery experts may not be able to recover them, so here are some tips to keep your crypto safe :

– Instead of hot wallets use cold wallets.

– Secure your personal device

– Always Change your passwords frequently.

– Make sure you remember your passwords

– Work only with brokerages, exchanges, mobile apps and cryptocurrency wallets that are reliable and have a good reputation.

– Understand how the transactions and processes work

Be aware and make sure you don’t lose your crypto, so you don’t have to google ‘best bitcoin recovery experts’ anytime in the future.

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