ICT Concept: Information and Communication Technologies

Reviewing the Econometric metrics in Google Analytics, we have found several visitors to the blog who have entered it through Google, specifically through keywords ICT concept. This observation has led us to the question:

Why does a blog whose protagonist is the Digital Economy and Information Communication Technologies have not defined the concept of ICT and explained its scope? Therefore, in this post we will deal with this concept and thus give an answer to our readers.

What are ICTs?

ICT, also used as ICTs, stands for Information and Communication Technologies ( ICT: Information and Communications Technology ). This concept refers to the theories, tools and techniques used in the treatment and transmission of information: computing, internet and telecommunications.

There are other concepts that refer to ICT and are equally accepted, such as NTICS, which means New Information and Communication Technologies or IT, referring to Information Technologies ( IT: Information Technology ). But IT seems incomplete to us to refer to the whole set to which we refer, while NTICS is not used too often, so it is most common to refer to ICT or ICTs when we define this concept.

ICT scope

The Technologies of Information and Communication can improve the standard of living of a population in particular, and is taken into account as variable of interest in studies of economic development , since access to information and the ability to transform allows People improve their personal and professional skills, as well as in companies that make good use of ICT , notable improvements in efficiency are experienced.

At present, ICTs have an intense presence in developed societies, and acquire a great role in people’s lifestyles, as well as in the know-how of companies, through the numerous applications based on the Internet, electronic commerce, software or mobile devices, among other platforms that allow the development of the Information Society for the benefit of the human being.

The recent evolution of world economic activity during the recession period that began in 2008 has favored the proliferation of ICT in society, both due to an increasingly common use in companies and the great growth in the creation of companies whose business model is based on ICT due to its ability to generate greater added value in the production of services and sustainability over time of these models employee productivity tracker.



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